The most advanced gait rehabilitation platform – ReoAmbulator™
The ReoAmbulator™ allows therapists to design personalized, patient-specific exercises that work towards improving patient balance, ambulation, coordination, stamina and posture through an intensive, repetitive re-training of normal movement of the entire leg – the hip, knee and ankle – as well as the pelvis, in order to reproduce reciprocal, synchronized natural gait pattern.

The ReoAmbulator™ is suitable for patients suffering from a broad spectrum of neurological or orthopedic disorders. These include:

Cerebral vascular accident

Spinal cord injury-complete and incomplete

Traumatic brain injury

Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease

Cerebral palsy

Other neurological conditions that result in gait abnormality

Orthopedic conditions that result in gait abnormality

Post-surgery rehab

Sports injuries