Motion Sprint 600 PL MED - Sliding plate treadmill

Motion Sprint 600 PL MED - Sliding plate treadmill

With the Motion Sprint 600/800 SL / SE (MED) we rely on the technology of the well-known and proven slat walking platform, which ensures high damping, smooth synchronization and very low electricity consumption. On the incline versions it is possible to adjust the heart rate controlled programs via the variation of the speed or incline. A handrail is been used with the medical treadmill to allow the user to support in a safe manner. For security reasons, the overall speed in the secret menu can be limited. When the maximum heart rate is reached, the speed or incline is adjusted automatically. The treadmill is easy to operate with a color display with biofeedback

Speed: 0 - 17 km per hour (in steps of 0.1 km / hour)

Equipped with heart rate controlled programs

RS232 serial interface

Optionally equipped with a slope of 0 - 15% or -3 - 12%

Tread: 155 x 50 cm

Weight: 195 kg

CE mark for medical use

Maximum user weight: 150 kg (optional 250 kg)

Dimensions (lxwxh): 198x79x145 cm

2 versions: Standard (3 programs), Therapy (11 programs)