Speed in most sports is not simply a matter of how fast you can run in a straight line. Fusion Sport’s SMARTSPEED Timing System is designed to analyze and improve sports performances – speed, acceleration, reactivity, power, elevation, etc.
There are 3 ranges of Smartspeed systems:

SMARTSPEED PT offers the same research grade timing accuracy of the Lite and Pro at a fraction of the price. Simple, effective single lane timing for all common speed tests. Ideal for: Schools and small club, Private coaches and athletes, Personal Trainers

SMARTSPEED LITE has all the testing and integration features of the PRO system, but without the reactive agility training and options, the LITE system is all about testing large groups of athletes quickly and easily. Ideal for: Combines and talent identification, Athletics and other straight timing needs.

SMARTSPEED PRO is much more than just a timing gates system, the PRO system will change the way you train on a daily basis. Endless options for reactive training and innovation. Ideal for: Professional teams and academies, Elite training centers and institutes, University research departments.