About us

Who are we?

  •  Samcon offers unique solutions for Rehabilitation, Motion Analysis and Sport Medical applications.
  •  We have more than 20 years of experience in this sector, with highly qualified employees.
  •  Our focus is on qualitative products and excellent after-sales service.
  •  Our vision is to enter into a long-term partnership with our clients and guide them from A to Z with their project.



Samcon was founded in 1996 by Rudy Van Gijsel, with the ambition to advise with the purchase and organization of top sports labs building on his experience in sports medical counseling. The range was rapidely extended to rehabilitation and research equipment resulting out of the search for innovations and the urge to offer them on the Benelux market. This way, a number of milestones were set with the introduction of innovating developments, always ahead of time as true pioneers:

Founding of Samcon and introduction of Biometrics Elink total system for hand rehabilitation; the introduction of video game feedback in rehabilitation.
Introduction of David Back Concept, a milestone in the rehabilitation; still leading and now a globally renowned Concept.
Introduction of Cortex CPX: the complete top class sportslab, controlled and handled through 1 unit. VO2, ECG, lactate, bicycle, treadmill, blood pressure, body composition ... all parameters are coordinated and collected in a single report.
First steps in Robotics. in Switzerland we discover the new development Locomat, a robotic concept for step rehabilitation and were the first to introduce in a Belgian hospital. A milestone in Robotics.
Expansion to the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our vision of a correct partner with high quality equipment is also valued there and leads to rapid growth.
Samcon systematically builds the number of products and suppliers; always focused on quality, effectiveness and innovation.
Move to existing officie in Melle. The company professionalises, investing heavily in structure and manpower at all levels (sales teams, administration and technical service).
Beginning of the year Laurent De Coster joins the team as new owner and general manager, under the guidance of founder and inspirer Rudy Van Gijsel. This way Samcon is ready to continue to grow with the same sincere vision and inspiration to guide their clients.