VO2 Master Pro

VO2 Master Pro

Simple, mobile VO2 analysis!
VO2Master brings ergospirometry within the reach of every sports doctor, personal trainer and athlete. Anywhere and easy to use with reliable real-time measurements via free app.
The VO2 Master Pro is a small device that collects respiratory data through a mask and send the information directly to your phone. The data can be combined with other wireless sensors to give a remarkably in depth look at the physiology behind your performance.
By combining some basic knowledge of physiology with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the VO2 Master Pro, you can now perform accurate physiologic assessments at home or anywhere your sport takes you. Welcome to the new age of physiologic testing


Exercise tests (VO2 Max + zones); Offers VO2 Max, training zones, resting metabolism, weight balance goals and more

Comfortable: No backpacks, cables or hoses.

Easy to use: no calibration or gas tanks.

Validated against the gold standard, validation studies available

Free mobile application for guided testing


Free demo on request

Package Includes:

VM Pro analyzer

Hard shell case

Small mask

RMR user piece

Medium CPET user piece

Large CPET user piece

50 filters

Quick Start Guides, 1-year warranty

Physical Design

Dimensions 124mm x 88mm x 47mm

Weight 320g (200g unit, 120g mask)

Sensor Measurements

O2 Accuracy +/- 1%

Flow Accuracy +/- 3%

Flow Sensor Type= Differential Pressure

Oxygen Sensor Type= Galvanic Fuel Cell
Gas Sampling System= Passive, pump-less

Oxygen Sensor Life= 12 Months

Calibration= Automatic. No calibration gasses or flow syringes required

Ventilation= 2-220 Litres per minute

Tidal Volume= 0.25-10 Litres

Respiratory Frequency= 3-80 Breaths per minute

Power Supply

Battery Type= Single AAA

Battery Life= 8 hours +