EVE Software package

EVE Software package

The EVE platform (eValuated Exercise) manages the whole treatment process – helps stratify patients, automates treatment program creation, guides through individual exercises and collects all the data for reporting. It helps therapists in making better treatment choices and motivates clients in their recovery journey. It also acts as a management tool in reporting the quantity and quality of operations of the instructors and clients, all online and in real-time.

EVE-software comes in 3 versions:
BASIC: full management tool as described above with features such as:

Patient case management, ready-to-use program templates for different disorders or possibility to create own program templates.

Track training option (possibility to create training tracks and add them into patient programs)

Cardio program creation (requires cardio devices)

Test report creation based on isometric strength and mobility tests (numeric and graphic view)
and any more...

PREMIUM: Basic features +:
Additional Exercise Module:

Access to a ready-to-use exercise library with common exercises (> 200 exercises) and exercise descriptions in multiple languages+ Creation of own exercise libraries

Ability to create home exercise programs that can be send via email
or print out as a pdf
Questionnaire Module:

Access to more than 20 ready-made and validated questionnaire forms in several languages

Built-in editor that enables creation of own questionnaires

Ability to assign questionnaires to patients via email

ENTERPRISE (available as from 01/2024): Premium features +:
Calendar Module

Resource planning for physiotherapists / instructors

Manage customer appointments within the EVE system
Mobile app

Patient app for appointments, home exercises and communication