Profit Software

All-in-one Software for a complete management of the rehabilitation and training courses in your center / practice.

Rehabilitation tracks and management:
Edit training plans quickly and easily with a few clicks. Programs for strength training, cardio training and functional exercises can be introduced and programmed. You can also integrate exercises on other non-connected devices. Import of data possible via XML and HL7.

Follow-up, Anamnesis and measurements:
The system keeps a clear overview of patient data, health information, risks, training goals. The therapist can enter additional comments at any time that can be made visible to patients.

The combination between the software and Emotion cardio machines are ideal for performing IPN tests. All relevant customer data is automatically adjusted for test preparation. The test is done with just one click. In addition, there is also the option of integrating modules for force testing (eg Back-check and Leg-check).

Documentation and evaluation:
The software contains detailed clear reports to closely follow the evolution of the patients. Evaluations can be per machine and for the whole session and graphical visualization of evolution over the sessions. All data is secured and stored GDPR-compliant.

ProFit Trainer App
The app offers the possibility for the therapist to walk through the exercise room with a tablet and to make adjustments immediately where necessary. All data comes from the server in practice / hospital, therefore not in the cloud (no risk to patient data on the internet (GDPR!)). Member app is also optionally available and supports telerehabilitation.