Con-trex Multijoint

Con-trex Multijoint

Isokinetic multijoint module for testing and training the major joints.
With the control module PM and a wide range of adapters which are needed for the scheduled tasks, the CON-TREX® MJ isokinetic multijoint module is a versatile, rotatory testing, training and therapeutic system to test and train all major joints of the upper and lower limbs in the open kinetic chain. The highly flexible mechanism with excellent operator guidance makes objective and reproducible test results possible in every work mode. The mechanical design of the CON-TREX® MJ is extremely user-friendly: the position of the seat, the seat length, and the inclination of the backrest can be electronically adjusted at the touch of a button. The upholstered seat and backrest offer a maximum of comfortable seating even during long training sessions and are easy to clean.
CON-TREX® can be used in early diagnostic and preventative therapy for injuries to the musculoskeletal system in out-patient rehabilitation and in the clinic. It is also used in scientific research and performance optimisation and facilitates the careful and specific analysis of problems and thus the highly efficient training of top athletes.

sampling rate of 4000 Hz for highest precision

play-free drive train

EMG synchronisation

three-level safety concept

individually customisable reports