PhysioSensing Balance & Pressure plate

PhysioSensing Balance & Pressure plate

PhysioSensing is a portable balance and pressure platform with visual biofeedback technology. PhysioSensing allows you to evaluate your clinical practice and make it objective and quantified in a clinical report. It is easily transportable, intuitive and still very accurate and complete.
PhysioSensing can measure a Pressure Map; Center of Pressure- CoP ; Sway and Weight Distribution. PhysiosSensing will be used for Objective and quantified evaluation with clinical report; Therapeutic exercice; Balance training and Balance games.

The plateform is also available with a VR-application and glasses for even more possibilities.

PhysioSensing can be also used for several balance assessment protocols and baropodometric examination:

modified Clinical Test Of Sensory Interaction on Balance - mCTSIB

Limits of Stability - LOS

Weight Bearing/Squat - WBS

Rhythmic Weight Shift - RWS

Unilateral Stance - US

Fall Risk - FR

Sit to Stand - STS

Romberg Test - RT

Balance Error Scoring System - BESS

Body Sway

Feet Pressure Map

PhysioSensing is relevant in:

Physical rehabilitation

Vestibular rehabilitation

Sports Medicine

Senior Training

CE Medical Device Class I


Size: 61 x 58 cm

Thickness: 1 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Active Surface: 40 x 40 cm

Sensors number: 1600

Sensor size: 1 x 1 cm

Sensor type: Resistive

Sensor life time: more than 1 000 000 actuations

Maximum pressure (each sensor): 100 N/cm2

Temperature range: from 0ºC to 60ºC

Connection/power: USB

Frequency: 100 Hz ~100 acquisitions/second