Nethos - Back extension / abdominal trainer

Nethos - Back extension / abdominal trainer

The nethos® training equipment series consists of hydraulic combination devices (medical device Class I), which enable safer and joint-friendly training training for patients in physiotherapy physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
The concentric/concentric action of the innovative hydraulic system, the movement can be can be terminated at any point, so that the person so that the person exercising is not subjected to any pressure or tensile forces on the person exercising.
The minimalist design language is not is not only the defining design element here, but functional continuation in biomechanically optimised optimised movement sequences with maximum minimised operating complexity.

Back extension/ abdominal trainer
The simple operating ergonomics of the nethos user interface also follows the principle of focussing the essentials. Resistance, movement speed and and number of repetitions are perfectly visualised and offer an incomparable training training experience. The anatomically shaped and biomechanically optimised arrangement of the padding elements also enables sensitive patients to pain-free training. The innovative upper body fixation, the abdominal and and back muscles are targeted.

Combination device with separately adjustable resistance for both directions of movement via the nethos user interface

Safe and quiet training: the person exercising is person is not exposed to any unwanted undesirable pressure or tensile forces

Easy and comfortable adjustment from the sitting position sitting position

Start position intuitively freely selectable

Dimensions (LxWxH): 144 x 78 x 154 cm
Total weight: 160 kg