Proline | NG Abduction/Adduction Trainer

Proline | NG Abduction/Adduction Trainer

The combined abduction/adduction trainer stimulates the inner thigh and outer gluteal muscles in an extremely efficient way. In particular, the abductors trained in this way stabilise the pelvis and prevent it from lowering towards the free leg side. The backrest with adjustable tilt provides significant relief for training in a semi-recumbent position, especially for hip patients. The easymoving single button adjustment of the leg rests from adduction to abduction ensures maximum ease of use.

incl. movement limiters

pneumatic spring-assisted backrest adjustment

multi-dimensionally adjustable leg rests

incl. special noise insulation elements between the weight plates

Proline | NG is the new standard in the field of medical training equipment. This equipment is the perfect combination of profitability, top German quality, functionality and stylish design.

All Proline | NG devices can be upgraded with sate of the art training software.


EQUIPMENT SIZE (DxHxW): 115 x 163 x 154 cm

TOTAL WEIGHT: approx. 322 kg