Proline | NG Rotation Trainer

Proline | NG Rotation Trainer

The rotational trainer is an excellent training apparatus for developing the rotatory back muscles synergetically with oblique abdominal muscles. In particular, the autochthonous back muscles are activated optimally. In this apparatus the lower body is turned while the upper body remains fixed. This allows training with optimum stimulation, taking into account the achievable movement range of the patient and ensures outstanding movement control.

incl. movement limiters

shoulder pads and starting position individually adjustable from the seated position

comfortable and convenient entry thanks to fold-down leg pads and continuous width adjustment of the pelvic restraint and shoulder pads that can be swung up

incl. special noise insulation elements between the weight plates

Proline | NG is the new standard in the field of medical training equipment. This equipment is the perfect combination of profitability, top German quality, functionality and stylish design.

All Proline | NG devices can be upgraded with sate of the art training software.


EQUIPMENT SIZE (DxHxW): 160 x 163 x 75 cm

TOTAL WEIGHT: approx. 332 kg