CryoSpa Sport

CryoSpa Sport

The CryoSpa Sport provides the optimum conditions for accelerated recovery and is now an integral part of recovery protocols for many professional sports facilities.
In addition, fatigue is reduced, the risk of injury lowered and performance improved. Digital temperature control enables cater for a range of requirements. Massage jet intensity can be varied for a different feeling and result. 1 bath facilitates 1 to 4 athletes at once.


Shorter recovery time post-excercise

Faster resolution of soft tissues injuries

Reduces fatigue - lowers the risk of injury

Promotes neural and cardio vascular system recovery

Maintains optimum performance levels

Already thrusting CryoSpa:
Club Brugge KV
AC Milan
Manchester City
Olympic team GB
Bayern Munich
Loughborough University
Brooklyn Nets

Effective chilling down to 1°C

Hydrostatic pressure combined with intensive cold aids the venous return

20 Massage jets provides more penetrating cold

High salt concentration aids infection control and assists the recovery process

Superior filtration system that requires minimum maintenance