SkillCourt is the most innovative cognitive movement concept for athletes, children and patients.

It combines expertises in the areas of rehabilitation, neuromuscular training, running school, top sport and pedagogy.
SKillcourt Uses state-of-the-art laser-based measurement technology for extremely accurate results. It can be placed on every surface, every size (min 3x3m) and is accessible for everyone.
SkillCourt offers a holistic approach and various applications:
Visual training
Cognitive training
Rehabilitation and prevention
Physical testing (y-test, jump-test,...)

Multiple games, trainings and levels are available to offer thousands of possibilities. All modules are programmable to set up personal trainings and follow up.

Demo's on request possible on location (Move2Cure Antwerp)

SkillCourt package:
- Tower with laser installation
- package for field marking (on existing substrate)
- TV 65-inch mounted on tower or beamer
- 5-year software license (all available modules such as cognitive, runs, visual, testing, ...) + several upgrades per year.
Including transport, installation and training