H/P/COSMOS - Saturn 450/300 RS

H/P/COSMOS - Saturn 450/300 RS

Saturn is the largest size of treadmills in the H/P Cosmos range and can be used next to running for may other applications. The choice of the right treadmill ergometer for cycling, wheelchairs, hand-bikes and ski rollers is a
very demanding one. Not only performance diagnostics but also sport-specifi c training needs to be
conducted safely. With a view to the capital costs and the often limited space in a sports laboratory
a multifunctional treadmill that can also be used by runners should be selected.
Based on the h/p/cosmos saturn® there are several hundred treadmill solutions worldwide for
running, cycling, wheelchairs, hand-bikes and skiing in use. The customers for such systems are
many well-known universities, Olympic training centres, biomechanics and performance diagnostic
institutes, training centres, football clubs, clinics as well as sport, rehabilitation and research
centres. Based on this experience most of these treadmill solutions are medically approved and are
tailored to their specific requirements.

running surface: L: 300 cm (9ft 10.1") B: 75 cm (2ft 5.5")

running surface: special running surface, suitable for cycling, wheelchair application, roller ski and skating.

speed range: 0...40.0 km/h (0...11.1 m/s) (0...24.8 mph)

elevation: -27,0%...+27,0 % (-15,1°...+15,1°) motorized adjustment

digital interface: 2x USB 2.0, 1x Ethernet RJ45 (100MBit/sec), 2 x RS 232 com1 & com2 with 9600 bps: incl. PC-protocol, h/p/cosmos coscom® & printer protocol serial

colour of frame: pure white RAL 9010 (powder coated)

classification: medical device risk class IIb according to MDD, active therapeutic medical device and active diagnostic medical device

usage class: S, I according to ISO 20957-1

accuracy class: A (high accuracy) according to EN 957-6