Emotion Cardio

Especially for medical use, Emotion fitness has developed a certified line of cardio machines that meets the highest quality, safety and legal requirements for use in medical installations.
Unique features:

Intuitive Multicolor blacklight display

Medical CE Certification MDR, Class IIa

Off-grid (no power supply required)

Wifi-connected, RFID patient recognition

Various personal rehabilitation and training programs possible

Hygienic and very maintenance-friendly

Multicolor backlight Display
This control panel is intuitive and features a multicolor backlight that provides feedback on certain parameters during the session. 1 look across the room and you can see where things are going well and what is not.

Rehabilitation and training program
Each device is equipped with 3 standard programs (Quick, Watt, Pulse). The optimal user-friendliness and effectiveness can also be improved by the optional specially designed "Therapy program", which includes ao the interval program.

Off-Grid use of the devices
This cardio equipment does not require a power supply! They generate their own power by kicking the pedals or crancks. When you feel a small movement, the screen already switches on for input or patient recognition. The devices also communicate with the network via WiFi connection. This means that these machines can be placed anywhere free-standing, with the exception of the treadmills (These do require power supply).

Emotion offers an extensive range of cardio machines that are described in detail on our website