Reinbold Strength equipment

Reinbold Strength equipment

Reinbold's Proline is the new standard in medical strength training equipment and is the perfect combination of cost-effectiveness, German top quality, functionality and beautiful design. All Reinbold machines are medically certified strength machines and are fully integrated within the cardio strength concept!
Unique features

Both agonistic and antagonistic training

All appliances are finished in a user and maintenance-friendly material and are very hygienic.

Color of cover is customizable

All appliances are equipped with a sound-absorbing material

Wifi-connected, RFID patient recognition

Equipped with specific resistance transfer that matches the specificity of the movement, which provides extra safety for the patient

2 devices in 1
All Reinbold strength machines offer the possibility of 2 non-simultaneous exercises on 1 machine. For example, you can train both leg extension and leg curl on 1 device. This gives both an economic and a space advantage.

Easy in use
All devices can be easily adapted to the patient with a limited number of actions. In addition, all appliances are very compact and maintenance-friendly, which only improves hygiene.

Safe and appropriate rehabilitation
Thanks to the special design and specific resistance transfer (CAM principle), the devices offer better safety and the risk of overload is reduced. The starting weight and starting resistance is very low, so it can be used by everyone. In addition, one can adjust the ROM if necessary.

Reinbold offers an extensive range of strength machines that are described in detail on our website (