Luna EMG

Luna EMG

Luna EMG is a revolution in neurorehabilitation and orthopaedic therapy. Luna EMG uses reactive electromyography to train the sensorimotor cortex. The patient’s movement is active - based on bioelectrical signals (EMG) acquired from the patient’s muscles. It is especially effective with clinical weakness patients, allowing more motor unit recruitment during muscle activation.
Thanks to Luna’s personalized and automatic training programs, your patients are engaged, and you do less physical labour. Luna EMG offers an all in one solution for kinesiotherapy with a large range of exchangeable extensions. As it is easily moved you can use it in the patient's room.
With the built in 6 channel electromyogram, integrated torque sensor and position measurements, Luna will allow you to provide specialized, clinical evaluations that you can export either in pdf or CSV.
The main indications are:

Increase of muscle strength

Increase of range of motion

Increase of coordination
That means that she is especially useful with the following patients:

Brain strokes

Incomplete spinal cord injuries, spina bifida

Multiple sclerosis, ALS

Duchenne’s, Spinal muscular atrophy

Any partial innervation neurological disorders

Pelvic floor (incontinence)

Bone factures

Post-surgical recovery
and more ...

With force sensitive trainings, you’ll facilitate all patients, starting with weight relieve and up to 60 Nm of resistance.You can use the following exercises:

Isokinetic with fixed maximal velocity: dynamic antagonist reversal, proprioception

Isotonic with fixed one directional torque

Isometric with fixed limb position

Elastic simulation acting as a spring or band