Cureo Pro VR Therapy

Cureo Pro VR Therapy

Countless studies demonstrate the high potential of immersive therapy based on virtual reality (VR). But so far, the practical implementations have not yet met the clinical requirements.
With CUREO, an innovative, sophisticated VR therapy system is finally available to you and your patients. Consisting of pre-installed software and hardware, CUREO is immediately applicable and in use in leading, international clinics.

Modular training units in a VR environment playfully support cognitive and sensorimotor rehabilitation. Motor skills of the
upper extremities (even fingers) as well as the trunk are promoted. From the hospital bed in clinical rehabilitation, to outpatient therapy, e.g. in a wheelchair, to aftercare, CUREO can be used transsectorally. And this with a very high accuracy!!

CUREO motivates patients and thus promotes the success of therapy. Therapists can care for several patients at the same time - in this way, resources can be used optimally and high-frequency therapy can be guaranteed for patients.

CUREO offers 6 modules that can be flexibly and continuously adjusted in terms of diffi culty. Thus, depending on the patient’s ability and need, it is possible to select which module is performed. For example, if the patient can only move his head, the “active” module offers suitable exercises in which objects are tracked only with the gaze.
Furthermore, additional functions, such as the mirror mode, can be added to all CUREO modules to create a further cognitive and motor stimulus. Between exercises, units of the “relax” module can be performed to both rest and maintain and increase therapy ability. In this way, different therapy goals can be addressed and realized.

The CUREO software is CE certified as a medical device .