The concept medBike: Professional therapy by movement for both domestic and professional use.
The movement trainer can be used independently by individuals at home, or can be integrated with professional movement therapy. As such, the medBike concept is used as equipment for people with disabilities, nursing homes, clinics and therapeutic centers.

The medBike is equipped with the patented "Continuous Control System" which allows constant controlled resistance in constant watts, taking into account the capacity of the user. It is a safe and effective way for people with physical disabilities to stimulate muscles and bones and get back on track after a period of inactivity.

The medBike has been designed as a movement training device. It does not matter whether it is used at home as a movement trainer, or in motion therapy for restricted physical abilities or wheelchair users. The medBike is effective and safe for anyone able to use it

The medBike offers a variety of therapeutic features:

Active mode: movement based only on the force emitted by the user.

Passive mode: movement only based on the force emitted by the engine.

Assisted pedaling mode: movement based on the combination of the user's force and the motorized force.

MedBike application
The medBike can be remote controlled by tablet (IOS or Android). Download the app and connect it to the medBike via Bluetooth®. This application opens a wide range of new motivating, innovative functions to accompany the exercises. In addition, it secures training for those who require assistance without constant physical supervision.

670 x 553 x 1006 mm (LxWxH)

Full metal frame

Safety pedals

Adjustable crank

Anti-allergy high density grip

Telescopic handlebar post

Durable transport wheels

34 kg (net weight)