Kineo multi station

Kineo multi station

KINEO is the first machine with a powerful electric engine in combination with a smart software that allows to work with DIFFERENT LOADS between the CONCENTRIC and ECCENTRIC phase in order to get the maximum efficiency in sport training and rehabilitation.

It is an innovative device that allows physiotherapists to increase their performance in rehabilitation and in-service training, but also gives them access to a new dimension by allowing them both to do evaluation and physical preparation / rehabilitation.

We are talking about a functional tool where other devices are only in the analysis, with a real-time biofeedback system that allows the therapist to follow the evolution of his patient during his rehabilitation.


Functional device for eccentric and concentric modularity

Optimization of neuromuscularisation

Multi-modality of the system (iso, visco, static ...) with variable load (worldwide exclusivity)

Advantage of working on different muscle groups with ONE machine (shoulder, rachis, knee ...)

A boundless system for compete assessment, evaluation, rehabilitation, retraining and physical preparation

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Multifunction machine composed by the following working stations : Leg extension (220 kg), Pulley (110 kg), Squat (220 kg) - Software version 7000 - Medical