Sintesi Pro Elite

Sintesi Pro Elite

Sintesi - Your digital strength training device

Sintesi is a new sate of the art innovative strength training device. Control gravity, train like never before and be amazed by the patented Dynamic Vectoring technology, which allows Sintesi to simulate free weights, elastic resistance, rowing machines and many other traditional devices.
The system consists of 2 beacons which can be placed horizontally on the floor, or vertically against the wall.
Sintesi is easy to mount on the wall, requires minimal space for maximum aesthetic impact. It can maximise unused spaces such as corners or columns. Ideal for functional training, leg isolation exercises, sprints, abdominal exercises and more.
The footboard provides a solid base to experience the power of virtual gravity in its most natural form. Ideal for basic exercises such as stretches, squats, deadlifts and more.

Many workouts/modules are possible with the system: isokinetic, isotonic, variable resistance, vibration, magnetic, viscous,... and many others.

With the included tablet, you can set your routine at the touch of a button, view your performance data in real time and take your workouts to the next level. Sintesi guided training mode automatically sets up your overall workout, selecting the right exercises and weights to get the best results and achieve your goals.

The tubular modules weigh less than 10 kg each, while the footboard weighs 55 kg. Sintesi is an energy-efficient system and consumes no more than 500 W because it stores the energy you generate when you move.
Sintesi's quick release system allows you to switch from vertical to horizontal configuration or vice versa in just a few seconds. Attach the Sintesi module to the bracket with a simple click, plug in the power cord and you are ready to start your workout.