MetaLyzer 3B (R3) Performance Package

MetaLyzer 3B (R3) Performance Package

The Cortex Metalyzer 3B is a stationary cardiopulmonary exercise test system that uses breath-by-breath / intrabreath technology. The Metalyzer 3B is an ideal system for use in test environments that demand the utmost, such as in sports performance. The product has a high level of performance.
In addition, the Metalyzer 3B is an excellent product for specific analyzses. Breath-by-breath / intra-breath measurements provide accurate analyzes of effort parameters. The software that belongs to this product is powerful and provides quickly available and easily comparable end search results.
Some important features of the Metalyzer 3B are the integrated SMART technology that makes it possible to communicate wirelessly with the PC. The technology can also be delivered to the device to synchronize with other wireless components.

Several ECG systems can be integrated at the Cortex. The most used combination is the one with Customed ECG. Most ergometers and treadmills can be controlled from the software.

The Metalyzer comes with:

O2 Analyzer

Triple V volume transducer

Polar hardened set H7 (Bluetooth SMART)

Bluetooth USB adapter

Cortex dark blue face mask (small and medium incl. Adapters)

Head cap for adults

Sample Line with Nafion tube (2 meters)

USB-PC cable and power cable

MetaSoft Studio software

Carrying case