MetaMax 3B (R2) performance package

MetaMax 3B (R2) performance package

The Cortex Metamax 3B is a portable solution for doing exercise research. This product communicates through Bluetooth allowing live data to be obtained. Important data such as heart rate and carbon dioxide emissions are displayed on the corresponding Cortex remote control.
The METAMAX® 3B is already supplied with the most commonly used hardware and software options in the field of sports and preventive medicine. It also includes the CORTEX GPS module and a stationary set for optimal use of the METAMAX® 3B in a laboratory with an external power supply. In addition, the package contains a calibration kit and a larger number of consumable items


A range of 1000 meters thanks to Bluetooth Long Range technology. This makes the data transfer from the software to the Metamax 3B more stable.

A new Cortex remote control with touchscreen that shows important data such as heart rate, oxygen intake, respiratory rate, carbon dioxide emissions and load during a field test. This makes it unnecessary to take a laptop or PC with you.

Easy connection of cables thanks to push pull connectors. The connectors all have different colors and technical codes so that they can not be mixed up.

GPS for measuring speed and altitude change.

Monitor the heart function with a wrist strap or 1 or 3 channel ECG belt.