MAD-UP Pro offers health and sports professionals a safe and individualized practice of blood flow restriction for the prevention and management of muscle deficits.

Although BFR Training - or KAATSU Training - has long been scientifically proven to promote muscle growth, the method was in need of more user- safety in order to adapt to the medical context of muscle strengthening and functional rehabilitation. Reliability and comfort have been developed to now offer an efficient method of care, rehabilitation and performance.

MAD-UP has developed an innovative hardware device capable of personalising a BFR Training session in an optimal and safe way. Recognised as the benchmark for BFR Training worldwide, thanks to itscontinuous compression control, ease of use and dedicated protocols. The Mad-Up Pro allows physical exercises for a therapeutic management and sporting
management of almost 90% of the joints of the upper and lower limbs.

Key Features

Physiological analysis: For a safe practice the mad up determines the pressure adapted to each user's limb for a safe, comfortable and efficient practice.

MAD-UP Pro's patented technology allows you to adjust the pressure applied to the limb(s) via the cuffs.

During a session, pressure is regulated in real time and is synchronised with movement and muscular contraction.

The physiological evolution of the user is continuously analyzed and taken into account.

MAD-UP Pro is perfectly intuitive to use. The device provides real-time visual and audio feedback via its touchscreen display.

Regulation pressure tubing is available in different sizes while cuff width is designed for maximum comfort and safety. Accessory materials are easy to disinfect and reuse.