TMG - Tensiomyography

TMG - Tensiomyography

Tensiomyography is an evidence-based method which enables precise measuring of individual muscles’ contraction characteristics - the ability of the muscle to contract/relax. This information is crucial for the identification of injury risk, supports return to play decisions and shows change in performance over time.

Tensiomyography is a rapidly evolving technology that is non-invasive, practical, fast and reliable. It helps to quantify rehabilitation or training progress and consequently provides an objective assessment of the efficiency of a certain treatment protocol. The specific muscle contraction properties that it measures are important parameters for medical and performance staff, who are looking for a real insight into an individual muscle’s status.
The strengths of TMG S2 are its simplicity, flexibility and compatibility with other methods and applications on or off the field. Athletes can be profiled, monitored and guided through the rehabilitation or training in a matter of minutes. Unlike static medical imaging, TMG S2 reveals the true functional ability of muscles without excessive costs, time or travel. Assessments are painless, require no effort from the athlete and can be done even during the acute phases of injury to obtain essential, clear and objective benchmarks.

Training Optimisation

Injury Prevention

Speed Development

Player Selection

Movement Analysis

Functional Muscle Strain/Fatigue Diagnostics

Rehabilitation Monitoring

Neuromuscular Risk Assessment

Acute/Chronic Muscle Change Diagnostics

Non-invasive Determination of Muscle Fibre Composition

TMG S2 measurement equipment for the detection of contractile muscles properties contains:

Digital comparator (sensor) G30 with cable

Tripod stand with hydraulic hand and HW for fixing sensor, bag

TMG – S2 electro stimulator and electronics for the transformation of signals, cable with USB connector

Software TMG-OK, (English user interface)

Support pads

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